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Versatile Roof Ice Melt systems help you prevent ice dams
and icicle formations with a smart Raychem system.

self regulating trace heating cables by Raychem
no compromises on safety or aesthetics
custom or standard solutions for every building type and region
suited for all projects new construction and retrofits
  • self regulating trace heating cables by Raychem
  • no compromises
    on safety or aesthetics
  • custom or standard solutions
    for every building type and region
  • suited for all projects
    new construction and retrofits

Even in the harshest winter conditions

As winter becomes more harsh and challenging, many buildings and homeowners have suffered from damage caused by ice and snow. With more than 40 years of experience and over 20 million feet of cable installed, our roof ice and snowmelt systems help you keep houses and buildings absolutely winter-safe, no matter the conditions.

How ice dams and icicles form

Accumulated snow melts and then refreezes. As that cycle continues, ice dams form and grow, preventing melting snow and ice from draining properly, creating structural damage. Eventually icicles can cause further structural damage, leading to safety risk for people or even injury issues.

A smart cable and control system to defeat winter

Raychem RIM self-regulating deicing systems provide a continuous path for melting water to drain safely along gutters and down drain pipes off the roof. Smart cables automatically adjust their power output in response to ambient changes. They are only energized when the control unit detects both low temperature and moisture, reducing your energy usage and costs along the way.

A complete and integrated system

From first lay-out to construction, delivery and follow-up, we assist you throughout the whole project, including layouts and detailed construction documents. That is how we make sure there is a solution that matches your building project. The Raychem RIM system includes:

  • aluminum base with cable that attaches to the roof
  • copper or painted aluminum cover panels in an array of colors
  • Raychem safe, industrial grade, self-regulating heating cable
  • engineering designs & installation instructions
  • control system options
  • control design components
  • accessory components as required
    (end caps, splice covers, etc.)
  • load center options with ground-fault (30 milliamp) circuit breakers

No compromise on aesthetics

Preferred by Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and St. Regis alpine resorts, we are the ice and snow melt system of choice for resort and home owners who want their property to be safe in winter and still look great. Our systems are almost invisible and come with a wide range of design options that match your property.

Avoid litigation, stay worry-free

Keeping homes and buildings error and litigation-free means making no compromises when installing winter protection systems.

Raychem RIM prevents

  • ice dam and icicle formation at eaves
  • ice dam and water ponding in valleys
  • damage to roofing material at eaves
  • roof leaks caused by ice dams and the subsequent damage to interior walls and property

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